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In a previous life we have developed over 300 business websites and many B2B portals.

We then realized that while designing attractive and engaging websites has helped our clients grow their business they needed more help. Our small and medium clients where still using spread sheets, Gmail and commercial accounting programs for their businesses process management and our larger clients where using outdated legacy ERP/CRM/HR which were often not even integrated with their website and email software.


Around 9 years ago we started to investigate most open source content management system platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Umbraco, and finally DNN.

With most of our developers/programmers preferring .NET we chose to build websites on DNN and Umbraco. DNN’s ease of use for our clients made it our preferred choice for developing additional applications. We started to develop custom applications for almost anything and in any industry granting our clients accessibility to their data anytime and anywhere. For our clients an all in-one custom and scalable application aligned with their business model is more valuable than leasing multiple third-party software on a yearly basis, including Shopify, Salesforce, NetSuite, MS360, etc. For a fraction of the cost, we build what our clients need, they’ll own it and won’t spend months learning and teaching their staff how to use something they may not need eliminating most human errors like loss of data and entry duplication.


Spending time with multiple clients from many industries and understanding their particular business process management has given us the opportunity to understand their industry and meet their needs not only in providing intelligent websites with seamless business process management but also with marketing and lead generation.

The art of developing a successful business website is not only to make an attractive web design with a great user experience to engage visitors but also to drive these visitors to the home or landing pages and use organic and proactive marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) has been an integral part of our work for more than 2 decades resulting in a vast knowledge of the practice and a large database on various industries allowing us to accelerate the lead generation process.


Since 1995 we have been involved with web development and marketing.

March, 2002

From online magazine to B2B portal

Mastering online news, the team explore other horizons building one of the first B2B portal with auction and reverse auction soon adding an interactive industry directory.

June, 1997

Transition from paper publishing to web publishing

One of our founders create one of the first online magazine. Later sold it to one of today largest online perfume retailer.

July, 2016

More than 200 websites developed, most of them on the DNN platform

Keeping up with the .NET framework and the DNN platform, quick social is starting to develop its own custom applications hiring new programmers in addition to the founder’s team. Investigating new technologies like Artificial intelligence for business, big data, blockchain, augmented reality etc.

Sept, 2008

From online publishing to full digital agency

Building large online directories more and more members are asking us to build them websites so we created Quick Social a full digital agency dedicated to developing business websites providing also other marketing services.

Oct, 2018

Light and seamless business process management solutions

With the demand from our 300+ customers to streamline their business process management and the focus of the new generation owners on customer support and satisfaction Quick Social is growing its software development department and launching BPMS.


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